Microsoft Excel – Basic course

83 Videos, 71 Exercises

Course description
Learn how to use one of the most important productivity tools of all times from scratch: Microsoft Excel.


Excel is not as hard as one imagines before getting to know it. Anyone can learn how to use Excel… it just requires some time and dedication!


After this class you’ll feel comfortable working with Excel, and you’ll dominate its most essential functionalities.


What knowledge and tools are required?
No previous Excel knowledge is required to take this course. You just need a computer with access to internet. We’ll provide you with an online version of Excel.



Who should take this class?
    • Anyone who doesn’t know Excel and wants to get familiarized with the tool
    • Anyone who wants to review the most essential concepts in Excel


What will I be able to do after taking this class?
  • You’ll dominate  key functionalities in Excel
  • You’ll be able to change formats as you like
  • You’ll be able to perform fast calculations in Excel
  • You’ll learn how to organize and  work with databases in Excel
  • You’ll be able to perform quantitative analysis within minutes
  • You’ll know how to generate high impact graphs

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